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Mexico Toll Roads

Map of Toll Roads in MexicoThe toll roads in Mexico offer the fastest and safest way to travel in Mexico. Mexico has an extensive system of toll roads that are built and funded by Federal taxes and are built to nearly identical standards as the US Interstate Highways System. When traveling on the Toll Roads in Mexico you will need to pay a fee. These fees go to maintaining road conditions, emergency services etc. The Toll charges are based on how many axles you motor vehicle has. Most cars and motorcycles Tolls charges are usually under $3 per Toll. The tolls can be paid in U.S. currency as well as Mexican currency, however note that if you pay in pesos the will not give you American Currency as change. To find the toll roads in Mexico you should watch for the sign that says "COUTA" this word informs you that you will be paying a fee to drive on this road. If you are not on the Toll Roads you will be on the free roads or "Via LIBRE"

Keep You Ticket
While traveling on the Mexican Toll Roads you will get a ticket when you pay the toll. It is important to keep this ticket because it will be your insurance while traveling on the toll road. If you crash, or are involved in an accident you toll receipt will help you avoid paying road repair and maintenance charges. Roadside assistance is provided while driving on the Toll Roads. Note: Toll Receipt is not proof of Mexico Insurance.

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